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Have you ever come upon that beautiful high tufted chair in your favourite furniture shop and did not know what style it was? Look no further! We’re going to discuss with you the different types of chairs that are gorgeous to choose from for your home and you absolutely need to know about!

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Also known as wing back chairs. Lounge chairs, as the name suggests, are meant for people to lounge in. They are often the statement piece of furniture in a room.


Accent Chair

An accent chair is the perfect example of comfort and good looks. There are many different types of accent chairs:


Home Decor


motilium usa Diamond Chair – The design of the chair is quite unique. You can either keep a cushion on it to beautify the look or even keep it in the garden area. It creates quite the impression!

Home Decor

orientate proscar uk Swan Chair – This chair gives a retro feel in terms of lounge design for a living room or the office space where employees can sit and enjoy some relaxed time.

trileptal cost Egg Chair – If your living room has a high ceiling and you want to add a bold element, this chair is perfect.

Home Decor

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Home Decor

Bergere is a French term which means an enclosed upholstered armchair with soft padding cover. It not just looks elegant and regal but also provides the required comfort for your back as well as your arms.



Home Decor

A fauteuil is similar to a berger except that the sides are open. Unlike the bergere, the wooden frame of the body is mostly exposed, except the seat.



Nothing more comfortable than an upholstery roomy armchair with extra deep seats to perfectly curl up with your book.


Home Decor map Rocking Chair – The perfect place for a rocking chair is the door near your balcony and you of course by now can imagine why!

A chair could be more than just a place to sit. It often tends to be a statement home decor idea for your room, be it your bedroom, living room or even your balcony. As much as the functional feature of it is known to all of us, a chair can delight you by it potential to create serious home decor envy of your guests! Not believe us? Try our room decor tips for yourself with a chair of your choice and don’t forget to think of us when it puts that smile on your face.

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