Hotel-Inspired Home Decor

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1. Easy Glamour

orlistat tablets usa Love the chic metropolitan style of luxury suites in cities like New York or France? Usher in effortless elegance at home without breaking the bank by introducing decadent details and carefully selected accent pieces. Think luxurious finishings, layered textures and materials like velvet, suede and marble teamed with clean lines and a soothing palette of plum, gold and cream for a more sophisticated look.

For a bold yet minimalist look, take notes from The Middle House in Shanghai designed by renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni. This hotel’s spacious apartments feature lots of sleek lines and clean silhouettes teamed with a warm monochromatic colour scheme that’s far from boring.

The trick is to work in pops of colour or incorporate a metallic element to lift the scheme. For instance, white handle-less cabinets and a built-in oven in the kitchenette offer a discreet, streamlined look, while a touch of silver on the backsplash and countertop add a subtle sheen.

Dark floors contrasted with creamy or off-white walls and furnishings create a dramatic and cosy look, and a four-poster bed in the master bedroom always adds a wow factor.


3. Resort Spa

If you’d rather be tramping in the mountains and being one with nature, an intimate and tranquil lodge-style home is right up your alley. Be inspired by resorts like the Six Senses Bhutan Lodge Suites designed to reflect the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Keep the base palette warm and neutral with plenty of light wood finishings that easily brighten up a space, instead of dark wood that can seem a bit old-fashioned. If too much wood is a bit overwhelming, opt for wood-themed furniture such as a table and shelves. For the living room, opt for a daybed in place of a conventional sofa and woven soft furnishings that’s made of natural material like jute or hemp for that cosy, carefree feeling you get on holiday.

4. Touch Of Whimsy

Create your own hipster haven with a colourful, quirky and character-filled interior that perfectly represents your personality and tastes. The newest boutique and lifestyle hotels place luxe elements like brass and velvet alongside industrial features like concrete screed walls or geometric-style furnishings for a contemporary twist.

You can also consider injecting bright pops of colour into your space, whether in the form of a unique pendant light (instead of wall sconces or table lamps), a statement armchair or tufted headboard in a modern hue. There’s no hard and fast rule, so be as creative as you please! Don’t forget your soft furnishings too – curtains in a cheery shade will invite happy feelings and good quality bed linen will be the cherry on top.
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